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Meridian Reporting Tool (formerly known as Pathway)

Meridian Laboratory is proud to offer our newest reporting feature: Meridian Reporting Tool (formerly knows as Pathway).  The Meridian Reporting Tool is a fully customizable report site all the way down to font size and color. This reporting tool was designed by our clients for our clients. With 7 different templates to choose from and a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 data repository the report options are endless.

Whether you're trying to design a lab report card or a doctors rounding report, the Meridian Reporting Tool walks you through the process step by step. Tired of having to design the same report for multiple clinics? With test Meridian Reporting Tool you can deploy the report you designed to any clinic you have access to. Pathway also affords you the luxury of using over 200 reports that have already been built into the system.

Contact Meridian Laboratory today to learn more about the Meridian Reporting Tool.

7 Different Report Templates to Choose From...

Report Type


Report Templates

Report Card This template allows the user to input custom test ranges and a message associated with each range. Once ranges are completed, the report will generate results for the patient and display a customized message based upon the value(s).

Lab Report Card

Spanish Lab Report Card

Patient Data This is a basic template that displays the test(s) along the top row, and the patient’s name and draw dates along the left column  Quality Management

Patient Data 2 This template is similar to the Patient Data template. However the data and information is displayed differently. The test(s) are listed along the left column, and the draw dates along the top row. In addition, each patient can be separated by either a blank row or a page break.

 Data Submission

 MD Monthly

 Monthly Progress

Patient Data Graph This allows the user to trend a history of results into graphs. The available graph types are Standard Line, Smooth Line, Bar, and Area. The user can also select whether to trend individual patients or their clinic averages as a whole.

 Patient Graph

 Graph Averages

Statistical Report This template allows the user to select a specific test and upon generation and asks the user for input of a range value. The report will then pull all given test results in the date range, displaying the number of results, the average result, as well as the number and percentage of patients who met and didn’t meet the given criteria.

 Albumin Stat Report

 HGB Report

Patient Data Range Identical to the Patient Data template with the addition of requested input by the user for a result range. This report will only pull results that fall within the given range(s). Patient Data Range

Summary Report This report allows the user to select tests, provide target ranges, and percentage goals they expect to meet. The report displays the user input information, as well as number of patients, results, exclusions, and the actual count and percentage of results that met the provided target.  HGB Stat Report

Custom Report

If you do not see a template that fits your need the Custom Report Template allows you to submit report requests directly to Meridian for completion.


 Patient Care Plan

 Nutritional Annual

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